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Thanks for the overwhelming response given to our website. This new channel of communication between the Police and members of the society has established new bonds between us. Today we are giving a new look to our website www.indorepolice.org and introducing new features making it more interactive and informative. Your suggestions are more than welcome, to achieve our objective of providing maximum safety & security to all, and particularly elderly citizens, ladies & children.

Corrigendum and Clarificatios Intelligent Traffic Mgmt. System

Corrigendum and Clarificatios City Surveillance System

Corrigendum 02

Corrigendum 01

Short Tender Notice [Second Time] For Interrogation Room

Tender Notice (Intelligent Traffic Management system)

Tender Notice - Intellegent City Survelliance System

Tender Notice (Inte Room dated 9thJan 2014 )

Fees Increasing (Vehicle Taken by Crane)

Apr 24, 2014
Apr 23, 2014
Apr 22, 2014

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