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Dear sir, My name is chandan sevhani, and right now i am in poland, and visa extenstion i must need POLICE CLEARANCE LETTER from indore police station. can u tell me the process my email address is chandan@online.ie
Mr. Chanden, As we understand you need of PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) for visa extension. You have to give an application to SP, Indore regarding PCC. Second thing you have to submit Chalan form of Rs. 21 in Treasury Office in the favour of ‘Police Vividh’. And this submitted chalan’s copy should be attached along with your application. Then you can get your PCC.

sir , there is a social networking site named ORKUT by google corporation , they give facility to open a community to its member , sir there are many community there which may be invloved in prostitution and other obscenity in the name of indore . should we do something about that because orkut is now a days even used by small kids and it is aganist public morality. i can provide u some help too .
Prashant shah
Indore Police takes action in such cases. If you have any information you can contact DSP (Crime) in SP Office. Rani Sarai, Regal Square, Indore.

Is it fare to view porn sites at home. Is there Any problem in looking at porn sites.Neglect sybercrime
CP patidar
It is a question of morality and we believe moraliy should begin from home only...

What can I do when some suspitious activity going near my home by unknown persons
Devendra Goyal
You can inform the nearest Police Station or dial 100 for Control Room. List of Telephone no. of the Police Officers and also give on www.indorepolice.org. You can call the officers to inform any suspicious activity.

why not use BRACK-LIGHT by "Nagar Seva" ? & why not Taken Naccesary Action by Trafic Police Against "Nagar Seva" ?
Your query/suggestion is being passed to traffic police for necessary action

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