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Is it possible to have police security for the individual property?
Police department is meant for the security and safety of people and normally police patrolling is done by the police in the respective areas of their police stations. In the normal circumstances, it is not possible for police to look after the individual properties.

Can I call the police on the basis of mere suspicion and if so, then on which number?
In case you see anything unusual/suspicious, you can call the police anytime at 100 number which is toll free. Police will verify the facts and act accordingly.

How to call the police service for handling anonymous/threatening calls?
If you get anonymous calls which may be threatening or harassing, you can inform the local police station or control room (100). It is advisable that you should also inform the telephone department to put your telephone under observation.

If I come to witness an accident, how should I react? Will there be any legal complications from the police department?
In such a situation, inform the nearest police station or dial 100.If there is no injury to any one then wait for the police to come to the scene of the accident but if somebody is injured in the accident, it is your duty to take him to the nearest medical facility center, doctor on the duty is bound to give first aid to the injured without waiting for the police formalities. It is not necessary to take the injured to government hospital or to wait for the police to come.

What is the procedure for the complaints regarding the missing person?
Report the matter to the police personally or on phone at 100 when you are sure that the person is missing.

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