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Dear Shamiji, Can you please improve the process of Warrant Execution? A common man (fariyadi) has to pay lot for its taamilee. There must be transparency in this.
Comman Man
This is illegal although such thing happens directly contact me.

My simple query on what police is doing to stop illegal cattle in my area ( Chhipa Bakhal) and what is policy of Indore police regarding Helmets being made compulsory were deleted? What is point of this open forum if you can not stnad criticism.
Please contact indore municipal corporation office and your area zone office as well.

whether information about kirayedar in every colony could be done online so that a person can enter that information from internet directly. in response to which police department can cross check the information in next fifteen days.it is my suggetion.
mahendra chouhan
The proper process of tenant information is that a form issued by the relevant police station must be filled by the landlord only.

I got fake letter from SP office indore stating the Case No 143. There is no seal on the envelop. Kindly confirm what is that. Getting these leters again and again.
Please contact personally at SP Office indore with the letter and envelope.

R Sir, I am live in Anoop Nagar, Indore. in one bunglow there is occasion of marraige.but My problem late night louded music at terrace first day on 24th Jan 09 up to 1:30 AM Second day 25th Jan 09 up to 2:00 AM. What can you can do for this problem ?
Please contact the relevant police station or 100 Number

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