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Dear Sir, How to approach or file complaint against misbehavior of police personnel who wants bribe and misbehaving with innocent people. I need to complaint against one lady police in Indore as she has crossed the limit and spreading threat and demanding money. Regards, Hemant R 9922957475 Sr. Engineer L & T Limited Mumbai
Hemant R
On 0731 – 2525600 You Can Complaint Against Such a Police Personnel.

Hello sir i want to complain with mr. sushan tiwari. He take money for web hosting & he never provide me for that services. some url please read: http://www.consumercomplaints.in//complaints/sushant-tiwari-c43253.html http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?p=7836952 http://infogle.com/blog/rest-of-internet/name-of-the-person-who-scammed-me-and-others.html Please take leagel action with his below address Sushant Tiwari dreamwever.com 66 Paliwal Nagar Maneeshpuri Estate In
onkar choudhary
Please contact the relevant police station.

dear sir , i lost my ATM card in ATM machine and somebody missuse it and from this ATM he purchsed three mobiles from three different shops and withdraw 10000/- cash , sir suggest me how i can get that persons and my money.
Please approach your nearest Police Station and lodge a complaint regarding it. Police will take necessary action.

why not use BRACK-LIGHT by "Nagar Seva" ? & why not Taken Naccesary Action by Trafic Police Against "Nagar Seva" ?
Your query/suggestion is being passed to traffic police for necessary action

Why is police late in reacting?
Police reacts on the information which it receives. Apparently, it appears that the police reach late on the site of accident or crime but actually, police starts it’s action when it gets the information and it has been noticed that the people are late in informing. So the promptness of the reaction depends on the promptness of the communication. The availability (shortage) of the resources also plays a major role.

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