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The address of CAP sayogitaganj and SP city.
Sharma kj
Near GPO square, In the premise of Police Station Sayongitaganj

I need information about a NRI having foreign poassport staying now at Indore, from which dept I can get informtion about him which is needed for legal purposes.
Advocate SKJ
Please come to sp office.

Respected s.p.sir, their was a complaint of my neighbourhood and me also that a criminal of my resident area has doing very suspension work in area. their name was SUDHIR THANWAR(BABBU, BADE). sudhir has done many criminal work in azad nagar area and they are currently live in azad nagar, bh purani jail. mostly they have drink in evening and get torcher to all civilians. SUDHIR is very dangerous criminal also get relations with criminal family. many criminal cases are pending on SUDHIR THANW
Your complaint is being transferred to the relevant police station, sanyogitaganj , soon you will be answered and the legal action will be taken against the nuisance makers.

Dear all Force, Thanks you very much for save our life.. wishing you all very happy news year. Bhupesh
Most welcome

Hi Sir, today, before one hour, Chain Sniffing happnd in our area, with my relative...in front of her home. today date is 25 Dec 2008, Prime City, Near Sukhliya, Indore. We really need your help, because we are not secure in our country............kabhi kuch to kabhi kuch..... this is always happend and no body here to stop that crime. but we belive you..only you can do something. Bajaj pulsur bike walo ne unke gale se chain jhapti our bhag nikle, our relative ko sadak per gh
bhupesh karankar
Please contact police station heera nagar as you have indicated the confirmed number of the bike.

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