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Dear Mr. Shami first of all please accept my congrulations for trying your level best to improve law& order in Inore. one mojor& grevious offence i met on 23/2/09 when i went to Meghdoot garden with my family, I saw hundreds of couples there in corners openly involved in such activities which was ashaming all the families, some of them tried to ristrict those couples but all in vain.It is must to mention here that meghdoot garden is only one of its type in whole city where middle class citizens
Rahul pethe
Thanks for the compliments. Mr. Rahul we assure you to handle it but you must inform the nearest police station or the duty officer near the incident place.

Dear Shamiji, Can you please improve the process of Warrant Execution? A common man (fariyadi) has to pay lot for its taamilee. There must be transparency in this.
Comman Man
This is illegal although such thing happens directly contact me.

My simple query on what police is doing to stop illegal cattle in my area ( Chhipa Bakhal) and what is policy of Indore police regarding Helmets being made compulsory were deleted? What is point of this open forum if you can not stnad criticism.
Please contact indore municipal corporation office and your area zone office as well.

it is really perplexim me to see that so many commercial organizations like banks,multiflax,shoping malls and other sevices providing private and govt. offices collectng a loads of money from the public but dont give them proper security leaving everything on the police deptt.if they are charging money for their services, why they dont pay for the security?they can put their demand to the govt of mp and pay for the police force. govt will consider deployment of extra force on the behalf the de
Police works under the government and obeys its laws and policies, rules and regulations.

please tell me what is the factor that create a problem wtin the police and people? is the media dont play a significance role between the police and people, why they dont give the right information?
Your question is beyond our mind, please clear it.

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