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Get application form
Application forms can be purchased from ADM office, Collectorate. Other place to find the application is stalls in collectorate premises.
Forward Application for Police verification
When a completed application is received at collectorate, its dispatched to S.P. office for police verification. Here after verifying details and making certain entries, it’s forwarded to applicant's area's police station.
Application Sent to Police Station
At police station Thana In-charge is responsible for verifying address proof and other details for authenticity of the applicant. It’s then forwarded to CSP of that area for further verification.
Forward Application to CSP
CSP remarks whether applicant should be provided arms license or not. After CSP’s remark it’s forwarded to S.P. office again
Received at S.P. office
At this stage applicant’s police verification at general level is done. For criminal background check it’s forwarded to DSB (District Special Branch).
Sent to DSB (District Special Branch)
DSB checks for applicant’s criminal background and is reverted to S.P. office with report.
Received at S.P. office with DSB report
Now all reports are submitted to higher officials (ASP / SP) and final authority to approve / disapprove will be with SSP only. Once SSP approves an application it’s then application and a covering letter is send to ADM office, Collectorate.
Verified application is received at ADM office
On receipt of verified application, license is released and process is completed.

Filing a FIR
Getting a Passport
Geeting Arms License

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